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We're so happy you found us

Let’s face it: there’s no shortage of of photography WordPress themes out there! But we are different. We started PhotoTheme after being deeply unsatisfied with the existing ways of creating photography websites, and believed that we could bring something better to the market ourselves. And thus: PhotoTheme was born, with which we endeavor to cater to the needs of photographers. PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder

Simple yet powerful

Making a website should be fun. It should be easy. It should be inspiring. That's why we started PhotoTheme. We do not put you in a situation where you are forced to choose from tons of switches and options. Instead, our highly experienced web-developers have already made the right choices for you. Our themes are easy to use and you can have your website fully functional in 10 minutes. No coding skills required.

Made for photos

We are exclusively focused on making beautiful photography WordPress themes. Apart from being highly optimized for photos, our themes also include many features which are custom-designed for photography websites such as integrated albums, one-click bulk photo uploader, light-box, EXIF viewer, etc. We do not use any third-party gallery plugins. Instead, all our themes have built-in albums/galleries.

It's WordPress!

WordPress is a free open-source content management system which powers 26% of the websites on the Internet! That is more than 10 million websites. This means there is an enormous number of themes, plugins, and widgets freely available for WordPress. There are millions of tutorials, videos and articles available on the Internet to help you with anything.
PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder

A complete online experience

PhotoTheme is not just for making great photography websites. You can make a blog, online store or a beautiful portfolio.

Create Your Online Store

Unlike other companies, we do not charge any commission on your sales. You are also free to use any payment gateway you like.

Start a Blog

Write blog posts and share your experiences with the world.

Beautiful Portfolio

Showcase your best works in your website. Your photos deserves a good theme.
More Features
PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder

Mobile ready

All our themes are 100% responsive, which in simple terms means that it will work seamlessly in phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops of any screen size. We go one step further by intelligently decreasing the image size if the user is accessing the site from a slow mobile device.

Search engine optimized

All our themes are optimized for search engines, which means you will be easily found on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This means you will have more visitors.

Freedom to move

Since we provide all our templates as WordPress themes, you are free to move out to any other service/theme/host whenever you want. Most other site-building services will lock you to their service forever. We are so confident about our services that we are sure you would want to stick with us.
PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder

Why choose us?

Save your time

Let our expert developers custom set up your site and guide you so that your website looks perfect.

Save your money

Hiring a developer to make a website similar to ours will cost over $2000.

Awesome support

We provide live-chat support 12+ hours daily, so that your questions can be answered instantly.

Great guidance

We analyze your website and provide custom guidance so that your website is just perfect.

We're just like you

Our team consists of photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and bloggers. We know the problems you face and we are here to solve them. We are a fully customer-centric company, which means you can request/vote for new features and we will build it for you.

We know that this sounds too awesome to be true, but there is only one way to find out - join us.
PhotoTheme – Responsive Website Builder