Beluga is one of the most user friendly and feature-rich photography WordPress themes ever created. It took us over 6 months to develop this masterpiece of innovation. We are on a mission to create the best photography WordPress themes and we will continue to make them better and better.

Is it really a

When you start reading further, you will realize that Beluga WordPress theme doesn't look or function like a WordPress theme at all! Yes, you are right. With a startling array of customization options, front-end photo management system, and visual homepage editor, PhotoTheme’s Beluga photography theme is probably one of the least theme-like themes available in the WordPress ecosystem.


Right from the outset, Beluga pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as a WordPress theme. It feels like an extension to the whole of WordPress, a way of building WordPress sites that doesn’t rely on WordPress expertise. Using Beluga feels like using a supercharged version of WordPress.

Totally Different

We have tried to be the best, first, and easiest in lot of things, so you will hear those words mentioned often in this page. We are passionate about WordPress and are constantly pushing it to the limits, both in terms of functionality and design. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe our themes should be as user friendly as possible. Instead of creating just another WordPress theme, we set out to do something totally different, and we think you’ll agree that we did just that. Allow us to introduce you to Beluga Photography WordPress theme.

Most intuitive
drag & drop
page builder

Most page builders overwhelm you with options, buttons, and controls. Not so with Beluga. There is a well thought out workflow making it the easiest to use. Who can go wrong with the two or three buttons available per section?

There is a live-preview system, so that all the edits you make are happening while you view your exact site as it looks on the frontend! You can make your entire site within 10 minutes using our page builder.

slideshow maker
ever designed

It has always been a complex backend process to make slideshows in WordPress. We at first tried to integrate some of the popular slideshow plugins into our theme, but then we realized that all of them are too complex and bloated with unnecessary features. So, we went on to create the easiest slideshow ever created for WordPress. We plan to add couple more features and release it as a separate free plugin in the future, so that the entire WordPress community can benefit from this easy slideshow plugin.


Best album
system ever

Beluga photography theme is the first and only WordPress theme to have a frontend album management system. You can upload photos, delete photos, create albums, edit/delete albums, add descriptions and a lot more through an intuitive front-end user interface. There are options to add featured images and thumbnails too, but that isn't really necessary as this system is capable of automatically fetching and assigning featured images!


We have built a new lightbox which is fast and responsive. It uses smart preloading techniques so that users can seamlessly slide through your photos. It is optimized for speed and supports touch gestures in smartphones.


We have developed a whole new image layout which intelligently recognizes the aspect ratio of your images and automatically arranges it in such a way that portrait images are shown in portrait mode and landscape images are shown in landscape mode. This provides a totally different browsing experience to your users.

Quick links

We realize that many of our customers are new to WordPress, so we made it super easy for them to get started by providing the links to the most important pages, right in the front-end!

Responsive and
Mobile friendly

All our themes are responsive and mobile friendly, so you can view your website on any device and it will look beautiful.

Awesome features

Thumbnail chooser

Our theme automatically chooses the featured thumbnails as soon as an album is created, however there is a front-end thumbnail chooser which lets you manually choose the featured images of each album.

Text/HTML Editor

There is a front-end visual text/html editor for editing text in the homepage. You can visually customize the text without touching the code, but if you are a developer you can take full advantage of the HTML option too.

Options Panel

There is a traditional backend control panel for uploading your logo, connecting the social media sites and a lot more.

Slider settings

There are few options to customize the slider. More features will be added in the upcoming updates.

Infinite scroll

In the single album page, photos are auto-magically pre-loaded before the user reaches the bottom of the page. This gives a seamless experience to the user and they are more likely to view more photos.

Album settings

These are the options to edit each album individually. It allows you to edit the name/desctiption, change featured images, delete the albums, and upload more photos.

a feature!

We want to make what our users want, so let us know about the features you care about. We will make the most requested features. As per the requests we have received until now, we will be making the following features:

All these upcoming features will be given as a free upgrade. (limited time offer.)

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By purchasing our themes you are not buying just another WordPress theme. You are supporting innovation and allowing something cool to happen. The more people that support us, the better it gets for everyone, as it will help us build more features and improve this theme. 100% of the revenue from this theme is used to make it more awesome.